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“We loved you guys! I hope you

will be back again next year as


 Teresa Hugel (GUCC director)

University District Street Fair,

May 2011

“I’d love to have you guys play

again this year!”

Sylvie / Seattle Bike Festival coordinator,

May 2011

“Thank YOU ….Everyone has

been raving!!!”

Nikki/Pioneer Square Alley Art,

May 2011





Manigua’s Latin roots are essential and are embraced by a mixture of different Latin styles and rhythms on a solid, yet subtle Rock foundation. Band members are from Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, Peru and the U.S. with an extensive combined trajectory expanding over decades of musical experience over 3 continents. Founded in Seattle in 2009, Manigua has matured into a diverse cultural and musical collective, incorporating multiple Latin and world ethnic and musical influences. Rock, funk, cumbia, mambo, rumba, Latin jazz, hip hop, salsa, reggae, and bossa nova (among other rhythms) are all part of its musical vocabulary, allowing them to create a unique blend of danceable, powerful, yet melodic music which is truly original. Energetic percussive beats, encasing 3 part harmonies, powerful sax lines and piercing guitar leads are the trademark of their sound. Manigua released its first EP “A mano” (handmade) on May 2011 having hundreds of downloads on the first 2 weeks. Most of the lyrics are in Spanish, and besides playing originals, Manigua plays a wide selection of covers from several Latin bands including: Santana, Buena Vista Social Club, Maná, Juanes, Los Rodriguez, Elefante, Afro Cuban All Stars, Bersuit Vergarabat, Habana Abierta, Los Fabulosos Cadillac, Jarabe de Palo, among others. Manigua has performed with several types of crowds. from big Latin venues such as the Habana Sodo to open street gigs such as the University District Fair, with people dancing and raving in every show no matter their background, Manigua’s fees are very reasonable and the band is a great fit for any type of venue and any crowd size, play lists can be tailored depending on the event and venue. Additional information including: Music demos, downloads, videos, rider pictures, bio, schedules, press notes, etc can be found in the links below.


See you on the dance floor



General Contact information:

Mike Fernandes (English) (206) 391 7244

Gabriel Martinez (Spanish) (503) 830 4017


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